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Outgoing emails from Windows Mail blocked by Spam Assassin

I am using Windows Mail and Windows  Vista.  I am having an ongoing problem with outgoing emails that contain picture attachments and with most  messages to which I simply 'reply'.  I get a message or error indication '550 5.7.1'  Sometimes the email in the outbox just gets stopped by the server with an indication that the item is being stopped by Spam Assassin.  I have been dealing with this for months and have tried online support with no luck. It actually takes so long I fell asleep before the operator tried to respond.  My ISP says it is NOT their problem.  I may try another virus product if I don't resolve this before my renewal date.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciatd.



Re: Outgoing emails from Windows Mail blocked by Spam Assassin

Hi nynana,

Delivery errors, although displayed by Norton, are actually being returned by the email server.  The address you are sending to has installed Spam Assassin and that filter is blocking your messages.  There are some situations, however, when Norton Outgoing Email Scanning might interfere with your messages.  You can easily check if this is happening by turning off Outgoing Email Scanning in the Norton settings (the scanning of outgoing mail has no bearing on the security of your system). In most cases, though, an SMTP error number indicates that a server somewhere has rejected the message for some reason.


Re: Outgoing emails from Windows Mail blocked by Spam Assassin

If you do not have Spam Assassin installed on your computer, it would seem to be an ISP issue.

Can you supply a screenshot of the error message? Instructions to post screenshots can be found here

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Re: Outgoing emails from Windows Mail blocked by Spam Assassin


One other situation that can cause rejection by a mail seerver is the number of addressees in your messages. When you start sending messages to groups the spam filter get active. If you need to send messages to a lot of people you might want to consider breaking the 'To' list into smaller groups and sending the message a number of times. My comments would be an addition to those of SoJ above.

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