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Norton Mobile Security with Norton Management

Recently updated NMS thru Google Play store. After update, I am required to re-register the device with Norton Management.

When I log in to do this, I receive error messge that this is a duplicate device name, and I should rename.  Since all my licenses are used I cannot add another.

How do I correct - remove licenses and re-install?



Re: Norton Mobile Security with Norton Management

Hi darylddm.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

When NMS was updated the site I would have expected you to have gone to to register was mobilesecurity.norton.com which is not the Norton Management site.  Can you please try the mobilesecurity site and let us know if there is still a problem.

When you post back can you also advise whether you have purchased a stand alone NMS licence, or Norton 360 Multi Device (with a 5 licence limit) or something else.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Re: Norton Mobile Security with Norton Management

You are correct - it was the mobile site where I had the problem - mobilesecurity.norton.com - as auto directed by the software in the phone.

I have Norton 360 Multi Device with 5 licenses, all assigned (one of which is the Samsung Galaxy S in question).


Re: Norton Mobile Security with Norton Management

Hi darylddm

I have a question being how many Android devices do you have registered

with NMS and your 5 license Norton 360 Multi Device (N360 M-D) product.?

Some thing you could try is to delete the Android device that you have the

issues with if it is registered with the Norton Mobile Security (NMS) website

Control Panel.- https://mobilesecurity.norton.com/

So if you log in to the NMS website and see the registered device that you have

the issue with you can delete it by clicking on Delete.

Then if you have NMS installed on the same device uninstall and reinstall the

NMS app and sign in with your Norton Account details and name your device

or use the default device name.

If for some reason it only installs the Lite version of NMS then tap Upgrade

and tap the( I have already purchased this product) option.

This should work but if it does not the next thing to try will be using the Norton

Management website to free up one of your 5 licenses with your N360 M-D

product to use to install NMS on your Android device.

Keep us posted and let us know how you go. :)



Re: Norton Mobile Security with Norton Management

I have all 5 licenses assigned.

1. Desktop

2. Netbook

3. Kobo e-reader

4. Samsung Galaxy S mobile

5. Samsung Galxy Tab 2

Since the mobile is the issue, I'll try to delete it from NMS and re-register.