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Bringing Your New Baby Home

Some of us might just be lucky enough to get some new tech toy this holiday season. Be it a new computer or tablet, bringing tech home requires a little bit of effort to set up. Ideally, you’d just open the box and push the start button and everything would be like Goldilocks’ porridge, “just right.” Make sure getting security “just right” is among your new tech priorities.

To begin, I recommend removing any icons or trial versions of software on your new baby that isn’t for a product you intend to use. Multiple security products can conflict with each other. Additionally a limited time trial version can make you forget to get a full version and leave you unprotected in just a few weeks’ time. If the trial product is from Norton, you can just enter in a product key for a subscription to convert it to a full product. If you already have a Norton subscription for that product, visit www.mynortonaccount.com to get the product key, enter it in the Account area of your Norton product, and your new baby will both be protected and covered by your existing subscription. Easy!

If you don’t already have a favorite Norton security product, I can highly recommend Norton 360 Multi-Device. New from Norton, this is a full, comprehensive security suite (all-in-one) and works on computers (PC or Mac) as well as tablets and mobile phones. A one-year subscription covers up to 5 household devices, so it’s a great family solution. Be sure to learn more by visiting the link above.

Set up an anti-theft solution so if your tablet or mobile phone is ever lost or stolen, you stand a chance at recovering it. Included in Norton security suites like Norton 360 Multi-Device are features to help you locate your device on a map (maybe you just left it in the car?), set up an alarm with an “scream” feature so people in the area are alerted to the lost device, or lock the screen and display a message about how someone might return your item. One of the features people are most excited or amused by is the ability to take webcam snaps of whomever might be using your device and then sending them to the Norton website where you can review them. For worst case scenarios where you can’t get the device back, you can also remotely wipe the device, keeping your data out of the wrong hands.

Now we come to backup, the dental floss requirement of the computing world. It’s one of those necessary tasks few people really do, even if they claim on surveys it’s a regular habit, just like flossing your teeth. Make it easy – otherwise you too won’t get the backup habit. Get both an external hard-drive that automatically backs up your changed data AND set up a cloud-based solution like Norton Backup. After a year of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, most people recognize the need to keep their important information like tax records and personal photos in more than one location. I would hate anyone to lose family photos in addition to suffering the tremendous loss of any disaster, be it fire, flood, or earthquake. I find if I have my backup running every Friday evening, it helps me relax and enjoy my weekend and encourages me to disconnect from tech as well.

Once you’ve created the foundation of hardening the safety and security of your private data, you can get into the other necessary tasks to fully make this new tech baby your own: loading it with music and your favorite player, installing file readers and photo editors, setting up your office and productivity software, and then customizing the desktop imagery and screensavers. Any other favorite tasks you would add? External add-ons like cooling pads, carrying cases, artful skins can be fun and useful.  

Head into the New Year with your new tech and a clean slate of security and safety. Happy New Year!