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Problem with Norton identity safe plug in Google Chrome


I'm running windows 8 with Google Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m and have now since a few days that the Norton identity safe plug-in is blocking my Chrome browser. It stalls for some time and then I get the message that the plugin doesn't work anymore.

This is quite annoying I have to say.

Anybody who has seen this before?

Thanks for your help.



Re: Problem with Norton identity safe plug in Google Chrome

I have had this problem since Windows 8 has launched. I don't know who the culprit but I have been unable to use chrome and I am getting tired of Firefox and IE crashing because of Adobe Flash Player. I really wish whichever piece of software is the problem someone would try and fix it.

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Re: Problem with Norton identity safe plug in Google Chrome

"Norton Identity Safe has become unresponsive" "Norton Identity Safe extension has crashed" messages displayed immediately after launch of Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57m (latest) on my Windows 8 (latest updates) notebook computer.  This began for me today, after latest Norton update dated yesterday 2/18/2013 installed.  Chrome presents an option to stop the NIS extenstion in the error dialog, but the error` repeats itself within 3 min, as the NIS extension apparently reactivated itself.


I was able to stop the error message by disabling the Norton Identity Safe extension within Chrome.  To do this, I had to act immediately after Stopping the extension when the error message dialog was displayed, by quickly going into the Chrome menu, selecting "Tools", then "Extensions", then UNchecking the "Enable" checkbox for Norton Identity Protection (notice the name is different here for some reason).


It is disturbing to me that user posts on this problem are dating back a year or more, and yet Symantec appears to not yet have it resolved.  Chrome is so popular, and yet the other two competitors' products I use on other computers here don't have this problem while Symantec either is unable or unwilling to fix it.  OR fixed it, and then broke it again with yesterday's new live update.


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