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Sonar won't stay ON - Get constant annoying Fix Now windows popping up!

Can somebody help fix this problem... It's been happening for several days and this is what's happening and what I've done....

Norton Internet Security icon on task bar has a red x. Click on it and window says "Your PC is not protected by Sonar Advanced Protection". (sometimes this pops up on its own)

Clicked on Fix Now. Result "Fix Not Complete. Sonar Protection Not Fixed." Clicked "Support", Result:

Norton Internet Security
Windows 7 Home Premium
Norton Autofix Results: 1 item(s)
Installation :: Failed

Clicked on Open Web Support Site . Result: 

This document is currently unavailable.
DOCID: v55777869:1_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System:
Last modified:

Also, Went to Settings - Real Time Protection - Turned Sonar ON - Clicked Apply and then OK - Re-opened Settings, Real Time Protection - Sonar is OFF.

Help! Mike



Re: Sonar won't stay ON - Get constant annoying Fix Now windows popping up!


Sounds like there may be a misplaced bit or byte. Have you tried the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool?


be sure to run live update until the program tells you that all of the updates have been downloaded and installed after the reinstall

Keep us posted

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

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