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FBI Moneypac Virus...possibly newer version

Quads can you please help me if you have a chance....?

After everything I've read about this"FBI Moneypack virus"....looks like I might have a newer version...but I'm not totally sure??? I am writing this message on my computer at work.

Done nothing so far except burn the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool onto a CD...and boot up the CD first....the scan found nothing but a Trojan.ADH.2

Can only open up Windows with Command Prompt...no safe mode or safe mode with networking.... opening with those just go to a white screen that says please connect to internet.....of course I turned off the internet connection from the start and

I shut down the laptop with the power button as soon as I noticed the FBI logo etc etc pop up on my screen.....the virus might have had an hour to run because I was taking a shower before I came back to my PC and noticed something was probably wrong....this thing obviously slipped right through Norton 360...can you imagine???

Please help Quads!!!

I've taken down a lot of basic virus' before i ever ever had a virus scan software...but after reading about this one I think I need an expert like you. 

I run Windows XP SP3 on an older laptop




Re: FBI Moneypac Virus...possibly newer version

You can go to one of the malware removal forums like

http://forums.whatthetech.com/ or


Cheers, Jo Graduate of the WTT Classroom

Re: FBI Moneypac Virus...possibly newer version

Newer dropper


Antivirus Result Update




Re: FBI Moneypac Virus...possibly newer version

Yea don't see it....not sure exactly? Definitely got by Norton 360 and shows up just like the FBI Moneypac Virus.....the Norton Bootable Recovery tool disc I made found the trojan I mentioned above, and claimed to fix it....now i can at least do a normal start up again without the FBI scare logo etc coming up...and it doesn't have the white screen pop up that says connect to internet anymore when my internet connection is turned off, but the bottom toolbar where the start button is does show up grey instead of my normal blue...and my wireless internet connection will now not work.

Also there is no longer a funky "Start Up" Item in the Startup section of System Config. As there once was..

I would like your help if you feel up to it...... Thanks Quads  


Re: FBI Moneypac Virus...possibly newer version


Malware removal isn't being done in the open forums of the Community. Please go to one of the listed removal sites and work with just one of their trained volunteer staff to get your system cleared of all infections.


Keep us posted

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

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