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This program showed up as I was doing a scan on Norton. I Thought it was Norton so I downloaded it!

NOW I cant get rid of it or the emails it sends every day! I keep sending them emails telling them I deleted the program & ask them HOW they got in through my Norton. They dont answer Just say sorry to see me go & ask me to tell them why I left, then send another email the next day. I tried to stop the download but could not. I still dont understand how it popped up during a scan from Norton.

What is this program & how do I get rid of them???




Hi Lindala

It just happened to pop up when you where scanning with Norton.  Clicking on it accepted the download, if you get any more pop ups its best to use the red button at the top of the pop up and not the cancel button.  Any information you receive from pop ups, email texts or phone calls go to the organisation concerned to check.  With the phone there’s a scam that asks you to phone the organisation straight away, as it is so important, but they don’t hang up so if the person phones straight back they get reconnected to the person that has just phoned.  If it’s on the web go to the main site to check on it by searching the web to find it and check the URL, the http://www. part of it.  Check out if you can block the email address they are using?  Check out the pop up blocker on the browser.



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