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which antivirus is best for Antivirus Service

Title Describe i want to know about which antivirus gives best  " Antivirus Service " to me. Actually last night my system is effected by some kind virus and malware. I am not able to do my work properly so please advice me which antivirus is best for removing virus and malware fom the system at the present time.



Re: which antivirus is best for Antivirus Service

Hey davidwilsoncool

                Welcome to Norton Community!

I would suggest Norton 360> Sew below for key features


Key features

  1. Protects you against viruses, spyware, hackers, phishing, botnets and more
  2. Protects your identity when you shop and bank online
  3. Helps make your PC start and run faster
  4. Backs up your files automatically so you never lose important data
  5. Free technical support, 24/7

You can download the product from



or You can also try Norton Internet security


Key features


  1. 5 patented layers of protection
  2. Live 24x7 threat monitoring
  3. Advanced online identity theft protection
  4. Parental Controls Management
  5. Facebook protection
  6. Phishing protection
  7. Browser protection

You can download the product from


Happy to Help! :)

Come back if you require more. Happy to Help

Re: which antivirus is best for Antivirus Service

Hi davidwilsoncool,

If already infected, it is best not to install nay antivirus - but instead to have the system cleaned up on one fo the malware remvoal sites and once "clean"  decide on which product is best suited to secure your system.


Here are some places where a real malware expert can work with you one-on-one in real time to dig these things out. Some of our best folks here have checked them out to make sure that they are capable, and competent to deal with rootkits and other nasties. Most of them handle tricky Windows problems as well.


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