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Hi I have QVO6 which has installed itself as my home page, I have been informed that this is a redirecting virus . I have uninstalled it from every where I know of on my compuer, I have scanned with Norton and Malbytes and it is showing no threats detected, however it is still there, I am new to all of this , can anyone please advise me on what to do  ?



Re: QVO6

Hi Tomball,

I would suggest you go to a Malware Removal Forum for assistance.  I feel you will get your best assistance through the following information that our old friend Delphinium supplied.

If you decide to try another forum, here are some places where a real malware expert can work with you one-on-one in real time to dig these things out. Some of our best folks here have checked them out to make sure that they are capable, and competent to deal with rootkits and other nasties. Most of them handle tricky Windows problems as well.


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Re: QVO6

Well, first of all it's not a virus. All you need to do is fix the current web browser shortcut that you use to launch your web browser or simply delete it and create a new one. Have a look at this: http://deletemalware.blogspot.com/2013/04/qvo6-removal-how-to-uninstall.html

In short,

1. Right-click your web browser's shortcut and select Properties.

2. Now select Shortcut tab.

3. For example, if you use Chrome, delete everything that goes after the "......chrome.exe" from the Target field.

You should see something like this:

Target: "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" http ://qvo6.com....

So, as I said, remove everything that goes after chrome.exe" 

That's it! 

And one more thing, since you've probably installed some sort of adware or PUP on your computer it would be a good idea to use AdwCleaner.




Re: QVO6

Don't use Adwcleaner without guidance. 



Re: QVO6

Whilst downloading a program to enable me to copy a YouTube video my PC has been hijacked by the 'qvo6' virus or malware.  I am not sure how you characterise the 'germ' but I do know that I want to remove it.  I have tried various 'solutions' including spending time having SpyDoctor scan my PC.  To 'FIX' the PC one has to pay up.  What a waste of my time, sitting there for about 40 minutes for the scan to complete before being advised I had to pay.

Is there a SAFE and FREE way of removing this problem?  If I restore my PC to an earlier date, will that resolve the issue?

I am amazed that a fulk Norton has not been able to remove the problem. 

Thank you


Re: QVO6

Qov6 updates with qvo6 web site information in 3/4 places for each browser. 1. Shortcut 2. Homepage. 3. Search Engine provider. 4. Addons/Extensions

1. To remove the site address in the short cuts. Right click all the shortcuts of browsers, remove the content after the browser address that starts with http://www.qov6.... or you can update with some reliable site by taking out qov6 and include some reliable site like google, yahoo, msn.

2. To update home page

   For IE: Tools=>Internet options=>General Tab. Take out qov6 and include use:blank or any other web site address

   For Chrome: Click the right corner (Customize and Control Google Chrome) icon=>Settings. Modify below 2 sections

   On Startup section=> Open a specific set of pages=>remove qov6 page

   Appearance Section=>Show home button=>verify if qov6 is included. If included remove

   For FireFox: Tools=>Options=>Home page=> Change the home page

3. Search Engine provider:

    For IE: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Search providers=>remove qov6

    For Chrome: cSettings. In Search section=>Click on Manage Search Engines=>Click the x mark opposite to qov6 to remove.

  For FireFox: Select the downarrow opposite to the search bar. Remove qov6


4. Add-ons/Extens

  For IE: Tools=>Manage Add-ons=>Toolbars and Extens=>Show All Add=ons=>Remove/disable if qov6 is included.

  For Chrome: Click the right corner (Customize and Control Google Chrome) icon=>Settings=>Extensions=>Remove if qov6 is included.

  For FireFox: Tools=>Options=>General Tab=>Manage Add-ons=>Remove if qov6 included.


Hope this helps!!!




Re: QVO6

Generally, to get rid of qvo6 browser hijacker, you need to perform many manual steps. Running security software in this case will most probably not be enough, even though Norton is a great security program. What you need to do is to perform some additional manual steps primarily associated with managing add-ons. Please find more detailed instructions here - http://www.system-tips.net/uninstall-qvo6-com-removal-instructions/

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