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Not Compatible with Windows 8?

The description reads it's compatible with Windows 8 but since the last update from Microsoft this week. Windows 8 tells me it has "known compatability issues." I noticed that Norton 360 is not running anymore when Windows 8 native Firewall was giving me popus. Please advise.



Re: Not Compatible with Windows 8?

Hi leovonwendorff,

Are you referring to the Windows 8.1 update?  It is my understanding Norton is not caompatible with that version - yet.

FWIW, when Norton is installed, it should be managing the Windows Firewall - it bsically turns the Windows Firewall functions off, but permits the windows Firewall Service to conintue running.

A bit more info may help someone figure this out for you.  Exact wording or screenshot of the popup would be helpful.

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