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Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Norton Security Suite version will not open.  

Downloaded from Comcast -  http://constantguard.comcast.net/norton-security-suite

I can left click and get the menu, but if I try to open it,  Norton doesn't open.

So I can run a quick scan, live update, backup, get recent history, get support,  turn on silent mode, disable smart firewall, disable anti-virus auto protect -  but not much else.

Windows 8, 64 bit, normal HP machine

Have tried uninstalling, running the Norton removal tool, reinstalling - many times.

History - I was running Norton Antivirus + Internet Security that I purchased.   Worked fine for years on same machine but a few months ago it stopped opening up, so I uninstalled it and ran the removal tool.   Today i found out about the Comcast (service provider) version.   I again completely uninstalled the old version of Norton from the PC and ran the removal tool before progressing with the download above.   But it is still not opening.

I do have Malwarebytes free demo running installed and Spybot because I was also cleaning up some viruses and spyware I accumulated over the past few months.    People have mentioned those in other posts.   I don't know if these are relevant.

Any other questions?   My first post for help (ever) so help me out if I'm doing something wrong.   I've been searching this topic for many days, and now I know more about Norton than I would like to.  




Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Hi elipitbull

When you remove Norton are you performing the task as below?

To uninstall any security software use the windows add/remove programme then restart the computer, then run the removal tool for the specific version of the security software that is available from the security software’s main site, then restart the computer.  This process should be done for each security software to be uninstalled, meaning one at a time.

Spybot has a feature called teatime this is a real time protection and needs to be turned off when installing spybot if this hasn’t been turned off it maybe causing problems with Norton.

Have you or have you ever had any other security software(excluding spybot and MBAM) including any trial security software on the computer including Norton? 

Try running autofix by right clicking the Norton taskbar icon, click get support and let it run then restart the computer.  It should tell you if any items where fixed.  If you get an error message about MBAM then just click on skip on the error screen.




Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Did you install the Constant Guard feature along with the Norton Security Suite? Apparently this feature can cause problems, and our resident Comcast Guru, Yank, has suggested not installing that feature. 

If so, see if you can see Constant Guard listed in Windows control panel, then uninstall it.

 You also mention you have the Malwarebytes free demo. Make sure you have not activated the free demo or it too will have real time scanning running.  You can find the right version  here http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free/

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Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Hi elipitbull,

Sorry to hear about your situation.  I'm curious if you have installed CGPS also as peterweb asked - if so please tell us and we'll go from there.

Other than that the most current version of Norton Security Suite (NSS) is  You stated version whihc is the intial downlaod version and needs to be updated y running LiveUpdate multiple times (rebooting when requested) and then run LiveUpdate until such time as it responds with the specific owrds "no updates required".  This may take as many as 10 runs of LiveUpdate and numerous reboot requests.  LiveUpdate can be run from the System Tray Icon.

I am still concerned about Constant Guard Protection Suite - from the link you provided, did you click on the Close or the No Thanks for the CGPS and then select the Get It Now Button?  Or did you go ahead and select I Want Complete Protection?  The second option will install CGPS prior to installing NSS. 

Also are you by chance on a Lenovo?

Please respond with answers and be sure to try the Get Support (Auto-fix) and double check that Tea-Timer is disabled in Spybot S & D as intesec suggested.


Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Thanks for the responses - all 3 - and I took all the help suggested.

I disabled spybot teatime

No, not a Lenovo

I never installed Constant Guard

I have the correct version of malwarebytes suggested and no other security software

Get Support - Norton Autofix - doesn't find any issues

Norton Security Suite is what i have from Comcast now

Unfortunately I still can't open Norton propely.    After a reboot it opens for a second or 2 and then closes and does not show itself again.    All 4 boxes are yellow during that brief period.


Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

It sounds like you are having a simliar problem to mine, see the "Windows Update through Norton Failure" thread I started.  I did Windows Update, I have the NSS Icon in my System Tray.  Have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton, had a Norton Tech take control of my computer and he reinstalled Norton, but I can get the menu from the system tray Icon, but nothing opens for norton.


Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

@ elpitbull,

This is the link to the thread that Lincoln_Brown is referring to - please read thru it and see if anything thee could assist you.

@ elipitbull and Lincoln_Brown:

I have asked Norton for some addtional assistance in regrads to both of your situations.  Please be patient in getting an answer from Norton as it is the weekend. 


Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Sorry elpitbull - I forgot to include the link to Lincoln_Brown's thread and I can not lon ger edit my previous post!



Re: Norton Security Suite - Still Won't Open

Hi elipitbull,


I have sent you a Private Message (  ). Please take a look at it when time permits.


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