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quick scan won't run

I've recently bought Norton 360 Gold for my new windows 8 laptop, i've had it downloaded onto my laptop for a few days, yet today the quick scan and full system scan won't run please can you help me




Re: quick scan won't run

Hi jardinbold98

Try restarting the computer?

Can you check on the computer clock that the following are correct?

The time?

The day?

The month?

The Year?

The time zone?

Its written like this because in the past people check the time only and one of the others is incorrect and is causing problems for the Norton product.

To check the above click on the clock in the task bar, on the dialogue box that opens click on, change date and time settings.   

Check for Norton updates manually or right click the Norton icon in the task bar and click, run live updates, and then recheck until there are no more updates restarting the computer as requested.

Try running autofix by clicking the Norton icon, click support, click get support (or right click the Norton icon in the task bar and click Get support) let it run then restart the computer.  It should tell you if any items where fixed.  If you get an error message about MBAM then just click on skip on the error screen.

Have you or have you ever had any other security software including any trial security software on the computer including Norton?  If so what is it?  

Can you check in windows add/remove programmes, programme data and programme files for any security software that may have been bundled in a download?



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