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Norton 360 Premier Edition

Now a days most of the retail stores are sellnig the Upgrade to Norton 360 Premier for $59/99. Whereas online rebewal is $89/99. Since most of the parents have to visit these store to buy one thing or another, so they prefer to buy the software from these stores and save ab additional $30/-

Norton marketting and sale experts should also consider these promo prices in mind when adjusting the online renewal prices



Re: Norton 360 Premier Edition

Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing.

Symantec sells its products directly and through retail partners. Part of the agreement with those partners is that Symantec will not undercut the pricing of these partners. The partners in turn are free to set the price at whatever level they are comfortable with for their profit margins.

The price for a subscription Renewal is often more expensive and reflects a "Convenience Fee" for those that do not want to spend time searching for lower pricing, or risk forgetting to renew the subscription and risk losing their security protection.

This has been discussed many times on these forums, so Symantec is aware of the users concerns.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.

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