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How can I stop CcSvcHst.exe from hogging 99% of my cpu?

Norton 360  CcSvcHst.exe bug.  On Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and all Microsoft Critical Updates as of August 13, 2013  10:53:36. 

Norton 360 Version:  -- But this has always been a problem bug since at least 2010 with all versions of Norton 360 since at least 2010 that I have seen running on computers with limited CPU resources = 2 GHz, 1 Gb of RAM. The CcSvcHst.exe takes off for no good rational reason and hogs the machine. 

Just now, I had to rediscover an efficient fix again for my two laptops with limited resources, because my prior workarounds no longer are effective, given the repeated updates from Norton, so I am posting this workaround here for my own reference and for anyone else that does not find useful the repeated suggestion outside this Symantec site--which general fix starts with 1) Uninstall Norton 360 and install a Norton competitor . . . .

What I did this morning August 13, 2013  11:03:37 as the beginning of a SufficientFix was shut off all scheduled Norton activities, including automated Update and automated Scan.  However, there is still some automatic scheduler function that restarts the Root CcSvcHst.exe session once in a while for no good reason, the same ProcessIdentifier that starts when Norton 360 starts; the runaway CcSveHst.exe session never completes, grabbing 99% CPU and 120,000 KB of "Mem Usage" according to the Windows Task Manager.

This morning I said to myself, "What would I do if this were one of my custom software writings that I did not have time to debug right now?  By what workaround would I get the software to reset the internal registers that have gone awry without restarting the whole software package or the whole computer system?"

The answer I tried that worked was 1) triggering some process related to the automated scheduler and then 2) killing that process manually--to see if killing the process would reset whatever registers inside had gone awry.

Here is what worked.  I started a manual session of "Run LiveUpdate", and as soon as that Run LiveUpdate started -- in a new CcSvcHst.exe session -- I Canceled it from the UserControl screen.  When the Run LiveUpdate cancellation  completed, the runaway CcSvcHst.exe session dropped to zero CPU usage and the Mem Usage dropped to under 11,000 K.  I have to do this about every four hours or so--which is tolerable for me whenever I use the computational models that I run on my two laptops that have very limited CPU resources.



Re: How can I stop CcSvcHst.exe from hogging 99% of my cpu?


I understand your problem. I cannot recommend a workaround that will not compromise your security. Norton prepares pulse updates whenever a new threat is discovered and a block is created. These are sent out as soon as they are ready. When received, yoour copy goes into a scan mode to be ssure that none of these new threats are already present.

If whatever you are doing on those laptops with less than the recommended resources can be done while not connected to the Internet you might look at that possibility. Bring them up to date then disconnect and work, knowing that you will have to run live update as soon as you reconnect.

Keep us posted

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

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