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Cool Cash from Kal-El: Norton and "Man of Steel" Contest! Enter Today and You Could Win!

Back when I was in high school, I used to wear a gold “Superman” logo on a necklace. I told people it was because my last name began with an “S”, but the real reason was that I thought Superman was cool. I loved (and still do) the idea that hidden among all of us “regular folks” is a superhero with the potential to keep us safe from our enemies; who rescues innocents from everyday harm and rocks his everyday job as a journalist. How vivid the symbolism was for the Cold War era but it still resonates today when you consider how easily any of us can be destroyed by the evil lurking online.

Cybercrime seems to be everywhere we go online: social networks, photo sharing, gaming and shopping sites can all harbor hidden harm in the form of malware and virus threats. Sometimes, hackers go after our accounts by trying to crack our passwords using various hacking kits or stolen passwords. In fact, passwords, especially weak ones or using the same ones over and over again, are like Kryptonite to Superman. A bad password is a weak point, a fatal vulnerability in our armor against cybercrime. We at least have great tools like Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Mobile Security and Norton Hotspot Privacy to help us create a “Fortress of Solitude” type of defense around our online lives, keeping data and privacy intact.

I’m really excited to share with you Norton’s partnership with the upcoming film, “Man of Steel”, the upcoming summer blockbuster starring Henry Cavill as Superman. In this fun campaign you can enter to win $10,000 and view exclusive Man of Steel clips on Norton’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Norton/app_648599828499902

“Man of Steel” flies into your local theater starting this Friday, June 14th. So enter the Norton contest, get your popcorn and soda, find a seat in the center section and join me this summer for “Man of Steel” starring Henry Cavill! I’ll be the one with the gold “S” logo necklace!

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