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Norton internet insight scan


I have just updated my product from NIS 2012 to version

When i go to performance then Norton insight the scan begins then stops and displays the message "Norton insight has encounted an unknown error. Please try again later". tried to run it a few times but just get same message. I have run the "get support" options and it says everything ok. any ideas



Accepted Solution
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Re: Norton internet insight scan

Hi Smig

Try restarting the computer?

Check for Norton updates manually or right click the Norton icon in the task bar and click, run live updates, and then recheck until there are no more updates restarting the computer as requested.



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Re: Norton internet insight scan

Hi Smig,

What you are experiencing is simply the Symantec servers being momentarily unavailable, maybe for updating reasons.

It happens from time to time, it may not work from some hours to a couple of days, then everything returns to normal.

This is not an issue with your product.

Hope this helps,



Re: Norton internet insight scan


Thanks to both replys, had a mess around and working again....Cheers

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