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Windows 8.1 Problem (norton internet security)

Hi. I updated my windows to 8.1 and the norton internet security 2012 became inactive so I uninstalled it. But right after, BSOD keeps on appearing 5 minutes after I opened my laptop. the error was




Re: Windows 8.1 Problem (norton internet security)

Upgrade to NIS2014 which is compatible with Windows 8.1.


Re: Windows 8.1 Problem (norton internet security)

Hi Skylergrey

Check out the link below.


When you have sorted the BSOD out you can upgrade to the latest Norton v21.1.0.18 which is compatible with windows 8.1 for free if you have a current subscription.   As MehulBhai has suggested.

Use the process below.

You need to set some internet security so windows defender and windows firewall and then get up dates and recheck for updates until there are no more updates restarting as requested.  If you have windows 7 or above then Norton will manage the windows security automatically if its windows vista or below then check to see if you need to manually disable windows defender and windows firewall after installing Norton.

Log into Norton management on the link below using your Norton account email address and password, click on my account, click on product details, identify the licence you want to remove by the computers name under device name, on that line click on the trashcan (bin) this will free up the key but it may have a time delay before it becomes available.

Click on the yellow download button and save the download.

Make a note of your current Norton product key from this page.


Download Norton removal tool link below.  Running the Norton removal tool will remove other Norton products that are on the computer.


You’ll need to backup or export in both formats your identity safe and any other users identity safe if it is used, before doing the below.

Uninstall Norton using the windows add/remove programme.  Check to see if Norton is there.

Restart the computer if you haven’t since uninstalling Norton.

Run the Norton removal tool.

Restart the computer.

Install Norton and follow the prompts to activate it, run live updates as many times as it takes to get, no more live updates, restarting as requested.

Check your identity safe has data if not import the data.

If you have any questions please ask before starting.



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