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Norton Toolbar Extension NOT working with Chrome 31.0.1650.57

SInce my Chrome updated to Version 31 the Norton Extension toolbar does not work.  


When I open Chrome I have the "Norton Secured" extension showing but the Norton Toobar is not showing on the screen NOR do It get Norton web safe search.

A very poor work-away:

1. Open Chrome Browser

2. Right click "Norton Secured" extension icon then Left click Manage

3. In the extension manage window Toggle the enable check (click off then back on)

4. ---- Voila --- The norton toolbar and safe search appears and works

The enable does not stay and this processneeds to be repeated every time a browser to opened

It seems like Chrome is not saving the Enable status for this extension  ---

  -- Where is it stored so I can check?

I have uninstalled an re-installed Chrome but get the same results.

-- NIS Version 2013 (up-to-date)

-- Norton toolbar worked for Chrome Version 30

-- OS: XP and Windows 7



Re: Norton Toolbar Extension NOT working with Chrome 31.0.1650.57

Hi, kcabbott. I have Chrome 31, and the Norton Toolbar is working fine. In Chrome, try  going to the 3 horizontal lines on the far right of your address bar and click on Tools/Extensions, and check that the Norton Identity Add on is enabled.

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Re: Norton Toolbar Extension NOT working with Chrome 31.0.1650.57

Hi kcabbott,


To add to what F4E said, please also check the exact NIS version you are running (open NIS >Support >About) as the year doesn't identify NIS "officially" anymore, and it is better to avoid any misunderstandings.


If you are not running the current version, I'd suggest that you update to it as this could be the cause for the issue you are having. 

You can update from within your Norton product, by clicking Support >New Version Check.

Follow the steps of the process, and at the end make sure that your Norton product is fully updated by running LiveUpdate a few times, until no updates are available, in case rebooting as requested.


Look forward to hearing back from you.






Re: Norton Toolbar Extension NOT working with Chrome 31.0.1650.57

I can get the Norton Extension to load but I have to go to mange and toggle the ENABLE each time Chrome is opened.  The Norton Extension's enable button is allows checked but I have to toggle it each time to get it to work.

My Norton Engine version is

My operating System XP Sp3

My Extension Version  2014.6.0.27

I have five (5) XP machines that are using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57 and all have the same problem.  This problem did not exist in Chrome Version 30.

I can turn it on manually but I cannot get the extension in Chrome to open in the ENABLED state even though the button is always CHECKED


Re: Norton Toolbar Extension NOT working with Chrome 31.0.1650.57

Hi kcabbott. Have you tried bring Windows and Norton Updates fully up to date, and then trying a fresh OVERINSTALL of Chrome, without uninstalling first ?

This worked for me in Firefox, as well. Try a reboot after the updates, just in case. That way, Chrome gets reinstalled on a fresh basis.

Windows 10 X64 Creators Update

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