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ERROR 8506-421

 I see there is no "PATCH" for this problem!  I have uninstalled and re-installed 4 times and now again after three days for the 5th time.  I usually go with Kaspersky software but decided to give Norton another try. I see they still have problems, so, I will uninstall and go back to a program with no problems or a program that resolves their problems for paying customers who have trust in their products. I guess I learned my lesson regarding Norton Products.


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Re: ERROR 8506-421

Are you looking for some help with this problem? As this is your first post, you have not given the system a chance to help before quitting.


This error generally involves some file corruption, often in the Windows files and caches. The program files hemselves may be OK.

If you still want to try to get things right, try clearing all Windows temp files. Then find the Windows/Prefetch folder and delete all the files in that folder. These files help Windows load programs quickly. They will be recreated when Windows is restarted.

Run LiveUpdate manually a few times, rebooting as necessary, until no updates are available.

Restart the computer once more. The first restarts may take a little longer as the Prefetch files are recreated.

If you are set on removing Norton, be sure you run the Norton Removal Tool before you install another security solution.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.

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