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Norton Tool bar Not showing Windows Explorer How To Repair Intenet Explorer

When doing up dates thru windows you may find your Internet Explorer changed to a newer version. Your Norton Search Bar is missing. This is a simple repair you need to follow the instructions exactly. Never allow the windows to automaticaly run up dates or install up dates. Run windows up dates once a month. never allow windows to install drivers for M/Board or other hardware. always go to the MFG web sight and install the drivers directly. Avoid the failure. 

used some verses from the Bible and I do not appologise for it. very direct and have read many repairs does and doents on forums. The majortiy of them are needless comments from people and you know who you are that dont have a clew.  Read all of my directions and comments but do not skip any. if you do than quite frankly your system is set up for failure and you are waisting your time.. 

In The Beginning

1. Right click on the main tool bar and make sure there is a check in the following options. If you have any other check marks for the moment un check them. You can always check them again to your satifaction. But for now follow my instructions and do not miss a step.

 menu Bar, Norton Tool Bar, Lock The Tool Bars, Show tabs on a seperate row. That is all should be checked marked nothing else.

After you have done this and the Norotn tool bar shows up your done. Close Internet Explorer/shut down the computer/boot.

If the Norotn Tool Bar is not showing up then proceed with cauution. The folowing steps will remove my favorite settings and reset Internet Explorer to an earlier state. take your time and read the cautions.

1. Click on the help menue/left click About Internet Explorer. You can verify what version of Internet Explorer is installed.

2. Left Click Tools/Add - On

Make sure Norton Tool bar, Identitiy Protection, Vulnerability protection or any other Norton Products are running enabled.

If not uninstall your Norton 360 or Norton product. follow Nortons un install and install instructions. Boot your system and do all of the Norton up- dates. do not up date untill you have shut down the computer after the first install and boot to windows. Between each up date shut down and boot the computer. Then run up dates for your windows version.Between each up date shut down the computer and boot again. Do this untill you are finished. on Windows and Norton products.

Do not install Drivers for hardware items thru windows up dates. or fat ware such as Google or suegal. Its bloat ware and you do not need it.

Caution Do not install Google Chrome period with Windows 7. Google or Google Chrome on some windows 7 systems will cause the  error message HIGH CPU USAGE. check Device Manager and there was nbot any High CPU Usage. Checked the Logs as well. Again No High CPU usage. it comes from a defect in Google Period.

Spent months researching why the Error HIGH CPU USAGE was coming on. Thus is a hgih end computer and the I was getting this error message on the CPU. I check the You do not need Google Chrome it is non sense.

Let there be Internet Explorer:

Norton Tool Bar still is not showing up. Be patience is a Virtue: Do not waste your time un-installing Norton products. Most Likely iut is not a Norotn issue.

Do this with caution and I worn you you will deleate all of my favorites and any Internet Explorer settings you have. it is necessary.

1. Tools/managment/Add- Ons again make sure all fo the Norton products are enabled. IF NOT ENABLE THEM BEFORE PROCEEDING. THIS IS A MUST DO OR YOU ARE DOOMED FOR FAILURE.

2. Click on Tools/Internet Options/General/Tab/Deleate/ another window will open put a check mark in all of the boxs/Select Deleate. Shut down your computer nad boot to windows.

Let There be A Norton Tool Bar Safe Search.

You will deleate all of my Facvorites web sights you have saved. You should be  using Norton Vault only instead of my Favorites.

1. Open Internet Explorer/manage Add-Ons Note there is a Red gear over Tool Bars and Extensions. No problem this si anormal application. make sure all Norotn products are enabled.

2. Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Click on Reset Only "Do not select Restore Advanced Settings"

4. a new window will open

5. Select Reset/ if a window opens and says you need to close all other intenet explorer windows do so.

6. Clck on reset.You are resetting the Internet Explorer to a previous operating State.

7. Close Internet Explorer.

8. Shut down the computer and boot to windows.

9. Open Internet Explorer

and He Said let There be Norton Safe Seaqrch. Your done.

Caution if Internet explorer ask rto up date or make changes your decesion., Understand you will probably loose Norton Safe Search and have to go thru this again. At this time you can right click on the tool bar and select the options you want to have available.