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I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

This was my first time with on line help, thought was at no cost.

 Having trouble with signing in to hotmail account. Where can I go for help with that, does

anyone know? Anyway "log me insecure, connected to my computer said I could possibly

be being hacked I said but I have Norton 360 all the protection I need, they said well will

cost you $59.99 and we can fix.  Is this right?  I figure I am not real up on todays computer

technoligy. Always had a "computer dude" to go to for help.  Now confused can anyone help me out

do I need "log me inrescure"  if I have Norton or do I need more Norton coverage? 



Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

Hi, Nebeone and welcome. LogmeinRescue is a legitimate site. What sort of problem did you have ?

Under normal circumstances Norton will protect you from harm, however no one program can protect you 100% of the time.

Norton Chat is free, but maybe we can help you here ?


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Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

LogMeInRescue doesn't usually come with Norton products as far as I know. However Norton support uses it for remote access sometimes.

If you have something popping up asking you for money and it's coming from logmeinrescue. It sounds like malware or a scam. Never give out banking information through logmeinrescue or any untrusted source. I doubt chat support would ever ask you for money. At least not through logmeinrescue.

Also your hotmail account was probably phished by a spammer or some other malicious source. It probably had nothing to do with your computer. It'd probably be best to use Microsoft's account retrieval page. Go here https://login.live.com/ and click "Can't access your account?" and go through the options.

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Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

Hello,   just want to update on what happened. I called the microsoft number for assistance again and spoke to

I think the same or similar gentlemen.  This time I felt I had more confidence in listening to what they were offering,

I allowed them to come into my computer and do a check and found out my email was being hacked from someone

from Canada. Long story short I feel very confident they were truthful and paid them for security on this system. To 

be honest its hard to know for sure. I didnt know I needed additional security for this kind of hacking.  Its all good

now.  Thank you for your help, feels good to know I can write to you and ask.  Ruth 


Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.


<< I called the microsoft number for assistance   >>

I'm a little concerned since I don't think that Microsoft themselves do that kind of assistance.

Could you please post the number you called and say how you discovered that number?

Equally important is that if they did install some security on your PC and IF it is legitimate we need to know what it was in case it actually interferes with Norton's protection ........


Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

Since I wrote to you I received a call from "EVOBULL" the gentlemens, Lou said it was his company. His  home base in Florida. He said "Evobull" was sort of the clearing house (my words) for Hi-tech and that all correspondence would go thru him.  I had

also received a call from a woman in India also to verify my approval for the payment. that same morining.  Then Lou said that other companies also may try to charge my account , if they do I can notify him and he will refund the Hi-Tech payment  oh geez I am wondering what I did.  He was very clear to say that Microsoft does not provide this service and the people from "Hi-tech Solutions"  received Microsolt training but are not representing Microsoft. Thats where I was mislead in my eagerness to get my hot mail account back.   This is really getting confusing.  Because this company didnt say they were "Logmein" this time, they said Hi-Tech Solutions.  The number I called initially  came from  computer business in Medford, Connecting Point, I was calling to ask about new computers, the number the gentlemen gave me was (1-888-551-2881), I called Connecting Point because I thought I needed to buy a new computer since Microsoft will not support "x-p" in April.  These fellows at Hi-tech said that they can support "X-P" when I pay for their support and I dont need to buy a new computer.  Just call them anytime I need help for anything. Have I been taken advantage of? I am not sure how to get in touch with Norton, to ask them to check my computer remotely and see whats going on, if they can help.  Oh I also asked Hi-tech about my automatic renewal of Norton scheduled for this month, and he said oh we took care of that.  Hugh would really appreciate your help. 

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Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

There is such a shoal of problems in all that that I'm hard put to suggest what you should do.

I would watch your credit card accounts and your bank account very carefully for any unusual charges and immediately query them with the credit card company or your bank -- with credit cards it's often called Dispute a Charge and some of my cards have a link to do that on my online credit card account.

I think I would contact Norton OnLine Support via the CHAT link, explain all that happens and that you now realize that you were not dealing with Norton but what can they do to protect your Norton account since HiTech said "they had taken care of that" -- they should not have been able to access your Norton account unless you gave them your ID and password in which you case you should change it.

You can contact Norton online support via CHAT by clicking on this link:  Norton Chat Support 

Keep an eye on other suggestions here including whether you should get your computer checked for dangerous malware -- we have some reputable free sites who can do this under controlled conditions.

By the way Googling on HiTech Solutions produces many different companies in different parts of the USA/World but the phone number links up to a Californian company but with a Correspondence address in Gainsville FL...... which fits in with what you quote .... but leads me to wonder why?

When I googled on the phone number 888-551-2881 I got this list of references from Google and if you see how many different products all use the same phone number I began to wonder what kind of collecting house this was?

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Re: I was just on with "LogmeinRescue" didn't know what this was.

I would suggest you might want to go directly to one of the malware removal sites Hugh mentioned. Even if nothing is found, at least you will know that nothing bad was done by the Logmein session.

I would suggest you sign up at one of the free Malware Removal sites below. Do not try to do anything on your own as it could make things harder for the Malware Removal expert at that site to help you. Choose one and stay there until your system is clean.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.

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