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New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

I am alert about this new threat Heartbleed.

I didn't have signal that my e-mails are hacking, but how can I check if my privacity was broken?

What Norton recomended to do?



Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

This Heartbleed sounds seriously awful. I am seriously suprised and angry that Norton has not said a peep to its users about what to do about it. I would very much like a Norton administrator to reply to this query so that we can ALL rest easily!

Additionally, I have a very capable ad block plug-in on my Mozilla browser. Question: does that protect me in any way????

Like everybody else who uses Norton, I gladly pay for the antivirus because Norton has led the field in anti-bug protection. Now I'm hoping I'm not wasting my money, and I'm sure everybody is hoping the same!


Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

Hi Guys
I'm no expert in computers on a expert in Norton but I don't think Norton can actually protect against this threat.

This reason being is that if I'm not mistaken this threat is targeting websites with a certain thing about them I'm sorry for not being down with the techy talk!

Here is a link that shows what websites have been hit by this threat http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/
I advice you change your passwords on any of these sites that are listed on here that have been hit.

For more information about this you can always go to the Tech Outpost over on this forum where there are various different discussions about this problem.

Hope this helps in some way
Best regards!
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Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

The issue is a vulnerability in OpenSSL, which is used by a great many websites to implement secure connections.  There really isn't anything that your PC's antivirus can do about that, since it is a server software issue - something that you have no control over.  But Symantec has not been silent on the situation.  Please read the following for a better understanding of the issue and how it might impact Symantec products:



There is also a very short, informative video explaining the nature of the problem and steps you can take to keep your passwords safe:



Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

Hi SendOfJive
Thanks for the information and the links on this bug reassures me knowing I've done everything I can just about do to stay protected.

Thanks a lot!
Best regards

Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

Hai all,

I think these links will be helpful.

Lastpass is a password management software, similar to Norton ID Vault. Its users can use its 'Security Check' feature to analyse any web sites where you  have account has been affected by this 'Heartbleed'. 

Most of the companies affected by this bug have / will change their security settings and certificates. Use Certification Revocation List feature.

Lastly, the only way to overcome this bug from user side is to immedietly change the passwords to a stronger one. (min 16 alpha numeric and symbolic password will be a good choice)

Always keep an eye on these every time an update occurs.

regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!
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Re: New threat _ Heartbleed, what Norton recomended?

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NS with BackUp I E 11

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