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Symantec Cyber Career Connection: NPower Partner Breakfast; YearUp Baltimore Classes Begin

It's one thing to plan and fund a program, yet another to see it come to fruition.

I want to share with you some big updates from two of the pilot sites: New York (Brooklyn) and Baltimore. 

New York pilot: 

The NPower team and Symantec hosted a fantastic partner breakfast in our New York sales office (the view is seen in the top photo) where representatives from many of the top companies in the New York City area attended to learn about the SC3 program. Before the meeting was over, most of the attendees indicated they were on board to take SC3 students as interns. Their support is a very important element of this program which brings Symantec together with our customers and our two nonprofit partners to resolve the cybersecurity hiring gap. In the photo below at left, Symantec's Peter Hancock discusses the objectives for our Symantec Cyber Career Connection in partnership with NPower and our customers. At right, NPower's Patrick Cohen walks us through the details of the training program and the need for cybersecurity professionals. 

NPower has hired a dedicated cybersecurity instructor and academic manager, Mohanchand Raghbee (known as "Moe"), for the Brooklyn, NY location. He has many years of experience teaching young people about IT and helping them achieve CompTIA certifications. He will be a great addition to the SC3 and NPower team. For the next several weeks, Moe will be working to finalize the Brooklyn site's curriculum and to communicate with internship partners to get their feedback and any suggestions.

Baltimore pilot:

Meanwhile, at the YearUp Baltimore site, students have begun classes at Baltimore City Community College. In the photo below, after their first grueling day of cybersecurity classes, students pose with their Kickoff Monday coach, Mrs. Lavone Grant. The students (from Left to right) are Rachel Pittman, Peter Moore, Ashley Williams, Gene Graves, Tamara Ritch, Nicholas Jones, Mrs. Lavone Grant, Cullen Covington, Roland Edwards, Famitta Durham, and Dominique Davis.

The cyber security students display great potential in making progress towards overall expectations and goals. The students are listening attentively and participating in class discussions. It's a great milestone to have enrolled a full class of students in our pilot and for so many young women to be participating as well. With only 11% women in the cybersecurity industry, we've aimed to enroll 30% women in our cybersecurity career pilot program. 

Stay tuned for more updates as classes begin in a few weeks in Brooklyn and San Francisco.