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This forum thread needs a solution.

virus detected

Norton has detected something of ''high risk'' in a download and continuously states ''remove failed'' giving me options to rescan or exclude. I have run a full system check to see if any files have been infected but is there any way for me to remove this? Or workaround Norton's constant ''remove failed'' notification? 




Re: virus detected

Hi sara_ader,

I'm sorry to hear of the problem you are having. Let me ask two initial questions.

  1. Do you have the most up to date threat definitions?  To be sure, right click on the Norton system tray icon and select 'Run Live Update'.
  2. Have you restarted the computer since this detection?  If not not, please try that and let us know.

If the problem persists, more detail about the event would be useful. Since you didn't mention your Norton Product version but mentioned 360 in the labels, I'll assume you are using version 21.

Open the main Norton 360 user interface, then click the 'Advanced' tile. Once in advanced view, under Computer Protection click History. Using the drop down menu, select the category 'Unresolved Security Risks' then look for the event you are concerned about and click the entry to show details.  Take a screen shot of that window and insert it into your next post.  How to post an image in the forums.


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Re: virus detected

Um, is download item compressed file ....zip, rar....?
Do you fund item/event listed with Unresolved Security Risks..?
Is Norton detection by Norton retail/consumer product or by Norton Power Eraser..?


Re: virus detected


If you know which file it is that you downloaded, it might be flagged as dangerous because it is new and not many have used the file. I would submit it to Virus Total to see if it is malicious or not. If it is clean, then I would suggest that you submit it to Symantec as a false positive.

Please use this link if you think that a file is a false positive:

If there is a possibility that the file might be infected, please submit it to Symantec using this link:


Another alternative which is fast you can use Virus Total




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Re: virus detected

Yes using this link 
https://submit.symantec.com/dispute/  you can submit that particular file which is a false positive and its helps for me, when I have this type of issue.

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