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This forum thread needs a solution.

Toruble logging into Norton on my computer, get error messages

I need to get into my Norton program on my computer, however, it won't accept my password. There is no where to change the password.
 I have program issues I need to control. What can I do?? I need to control flash player, but when alert comes up it does not give me time to make a choice. 



Re: Toruble logging into Norton on my computer, get error messages

I take it you are referring to the Norton Settings you cannot access? And you have set up a Settings Password?

Any information you may have found about resetting the password no longer work. I have brought this to Norton's attention a couple of times with no luck yet. I'll get your thread escalated.

You could try reinstalling Norton by first using the Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool using the Advanced Remove Only option.   www.norton.com/nrt    Then restart your computer and log into your Norton Account and download a fresh copy of your product. Be sure you run LiveUpdate manually a few times, restarting as necessary, until no updates are available. 

Hopefully that would reset/remove the password.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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