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Timemanagement across devices

Latest post surrounding this subject I could find is over a year old, so just thought to ask again: can we expect the function to manage time across multiple devices (.e.g. limiting time to X hours per day for 2 or more devices combined) anytime soon? 

It was there in the past, and I am sure many parents miss it. I did pay for two years subscription to norton, but otherwise it would be a reason to switch back to something like Bitdefender that has the functionality. I hope it gets back in the norton family functionality soon!



Re: Timemanagement across devices

Hi @TjerkKuster,

Thank you for posting on the forums. We are actively looking into implementing this feature. Although we don't have a fixed delivery date yet, we assure you it is on the radar. When we have an update on when it is going to be implemented, we will be sure to update this thread. Thank you. 


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Norton Lifelock

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