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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows 10 on old LT & Computer

I  that was wondering some one could help me out please I am running windows 7 on my old & favorite LT. but have windows 10 on   2 others and  plus our phones  in our house hold  except 1 other which is windows 8 . Now  Nortons  I renewed it on line automatically each yr, so now on the windows 7 & 8 if want to keep the norton . when I need go have windows 10 installed    my ? is this... when I have it installed  will I be able to  go to the Nortons and sign in as I do now or will I have to reinstall it again and if so what happens to the 7 of 10 LICENSES USED  on all our  other  products that they are on.. will I loose  any them of or will they stay as they are and be there...I would think be there because it be the same LT or Computer  that had before  installing Wjndows 10..  I was told by the  person that going to install windows 10  I need to reinstall it  again  with the same license I have  from when I  first bought it  so does that mean it take away from my  licensed used  of 7 of 10  that was used on windows 7&8 ..Help Please... sorry for the long drawn out  message ..Signed Retha O.  11/09/2019 



Re: Windows 10 on old LT & Computer

Yes, you will have to install a fresh copy of Norton on the newly upgraded computers. 

It is hard to know if the installs will add to your number of activations. Normally, as long as you are installing on the same hardware, it should not count as an additional install. I have even installed in 2 different operating systems on the same physical computer in dual boot mode, and Norton only counted one activation.

Having said that, if your Norton Account does show additional activations after installing on the upgraded computers, just post back here and we can help you straighten out your account by deleting the old entries.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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