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How I finally got the vpn working,plus my suggestions.

I have been using Norton for years, never any problems, but the 360 deluxe with vpn needs some work. After installing I could not see the vpn anywhere in the settings. Thanks to reading what others have done on here I had success.1.Use the norton tool that uninstalls and installs latest version. After doing this I now can click on MY NORTON and can see the on/off switch for vpn.2.You would think that after a new install the VPN would be ON by default, no such luck. ( It has to be TURNED ON each time you power on your Windows PC. My android system has none of these problems, on android the Norton VPN is always on at startup, look for the key in the topright corner.)
3.As a reminder to turn on the VPN at startup create a TEXT in 3d paint saying "turn on vpn" and use it as BACKGROUND for your icon page, hope this helps.

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Re: How I finally got the vpn working,plus my suggestions.

Find Norton vpn in 'services' and there you can start, stop or disable.

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