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This forum thread needs a solution.

NIS09 only scans outgoing mail

norton only scans outgoing mail- im using vista mail. I have norton set to show progress of mail scan??


ps- does anyone know how to make it so vista mail does not automaticly open email?



Re: NIS09 only scans outgoing mail

Norton AntiVirus Email Scanning verifies that email and attachments are free from viruses and other malicious code as you download them from your Internet service provider (ISP). This will be performed as a background task when the emails gets downloaded to your computer(before you view/open it). Also, the Auto-Protect protects your computer from viruses and other malicious code by automatically scanning any email attachment file that is opened, moved, or copied on your hard drive. The email scan progress indicator is only for Outgoing emails, to make sure that all files are checked before going out where as the incoming email is scanned from the backgrround and no progress indicator will be there. Incoming email scan is transparent to the user and have little, if any, noticeable effect on your computer. 

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