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International cricket captain blocked as intusion attempt


i recently bought a game from steam called international captain 2014. when I try to launch the game I get a message from Nortan saying intrusion attempt by localhost blocked thus preventing my game from launching. Can I have any advice on how I could disable the intusion block, which would allow me to play international cricket captain. I have also added the two recommended programme to firwell exception.



Re: International cricket captain blocked as intusion attempt


You could try this in the mean time. Go to Settings----->Antivirus---->Scans and Risks--->Exclusions/Low Risks--->Items to exclude from Auto-Protect, SONOR, and Download Intelligence Detection----->Configure----Add Folders, Add Files. You Can try adding the Files there.

You will have to email Norton a copy of the game .exe. and a copy of Steam exe and tell them they are false positives..You can fill out this Form for False Positives.


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