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Firewall Traffic Rules Defaults: What Are They?

There are several traffic processes that NIS blocks by default.  I have cobbled together a .jpg file of what they look like within my Settings/Firewall/Traffic Rules tab, below.  I would like to be able to look up exactly what each one of these traffic processes are and what they entail, so I can understand which processes should continue to be blocked, and which I can let through if I choose.

Anyone who has an idea of this, please let me know.  I appreciate your help.  Thanks.



Re: Firewall Traffic Rules Defaults: What Are They?

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Re: Firewall Traffic Rules Defaults: What Are They?

Which protocols should be blocked and which should be allowed depends on what sort of sharing you do with your computer.  If you don't share files, then most of these should remain blocked.  If you do share on a network with other computers, you would likely want to allow some of these protocols to facilitate these communications.  Happily, Norton will automatically allow the necessary protocols when sharing is enabled and will block them otherwise.  If you look closely, many of these block rules have a corresponding allow rule which will take precedence when the protocol is necessary for communication with other devices on your network.

To find out what the protocols are and what they do, I would suggest doing a few Google searches.  Wikipedia also has articles on most of them.  If you are not experienced with networking protocols, you would be wise to leave the Norton firewall in its default configuration and let it do what it is designed to do automatically.

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