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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't Renew Norton

Hey, my issue is that my Norton Security tells me I need to renew in 1 day, even though I bought another year subscription.

First of all I clicked the renew link, it took me to the store site and I bought another year which was discounted.

Then I downloaded the newest version and installed it, overwriting the old installation. But it still said I had to renew Norton.

I then clicked Renew and went to the 'Enter Product Key/Code' option and found the product key from my e-mail receipt and entered it. It says that the product key is not valid for this product and provided a link to the right product.

I used the link, uninstalled Norton, and then installed the program from the link given.

I still have the same issue, it doesn't recognize I have renewed and it still says the product key is not valid to this product. 

The program says "Click here to get a valid product for this Product Key." Which implies the product key is correct.

Any help would be great thank you.



Re: Can't Renew Norton

It would be best to contact Norton Support and have them sort out your account/product problems.   www.norton.com/contactcs

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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