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Norton Secure Router

I just saw the advertisement for the new Norton Secure Router.  It sounds like a worthwhile addition to my home network but I have a few questions.

I currently have Frontier (ne Verizon) FiOS with 150/150 speed.  The modem and router are integrated.  How will the Norton Secure Router connect?  Do I need to replace my current Modem/Router with a modem only solution and then attach the Norton router?

I have recently begun to use NWP (but keep it turned off on my home network because of speed reduction issues)  Will the Norton Secure router eliminate the need for the NWP on my home network?  Why/Why not?



Re: Norton Secure Router

Connecting to your current router will require changing your current router into Bridged mode. You should be able to search your Frontier forums for information on how to do this. Then the new Core router would be connected to the Frontier modem/router to control your network.

The Core router does not provide VPN functionality, although it will work with it. The main 'NEED' for a VPN  on a home computer is to spoof your location. That can allow you to access geo locked information. The encryption with a VPN only lasts from your computer to the location of the server in the virtual location you have chosen. Once it leaves that server, everything is no longer encrypted. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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