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Feature requests

There are some apps on my kids phones/tablets that I'm happy for them to have unlimited access to....including the messaging app we use as a family, Google Music, etc....and there are some apps that get overused, that my wife and I want to restrict.

- It would be helpful if we could have time restriction "groups" where we can set different rules and time restrictions for each group of apps

My kids have access to Google Play to install apps, while I know I can see what apps have been installed by looking at the Norton Family app on my phone.

- It would be helpful if I could get a notification on my phone everytime the kids install a new app

Together, these 2 features would give the kids more freedom and my wife and I more control over the apps we're concerned about.

- It would be great if I could be notified of a new app install and then open my Norton Family app and move the new app into the appropriate "restriction" group.

Hope the suggestions are helpful!



Re: Feature requests

Thank You for the suggestions, @WeBordens. I'll pass it on to the team.

Keep them coming.

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation
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Re: Feature requests

Thanks for the feedback. This is on our to-do list and hope to have them available for you soon. We will also be happy if you can share your experience with the product.

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Re: Feature requests


I support this feature also. I'm using the daily time restriction and when the time has run out all apps are blocked. For us it would be important that at least phone calling would be still available always. Now when the time has run out  our kid cannot even answer to a phone call or receive text message. Allowed contacts is not sufficient. It would be nice if you could manage individual apps restrictions or leave some of the apps out of the time restriction. Otherwise this seems to be a really good product.

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