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This forum thread needs a solution.

Core Guest Network isolation question

Just wanting confirmation on an observation ...

I'm really hoping here that there's some minor defect with my new Core product, either in it's particular HW, or that there's been a basic (guesting) router security function overlooked in the current FW implementation...

It appears that after a new "Wi-Fi Guest" is granted access to the Core-controlled LAN by a Core Administrator, the Core (as presently implemented) then allows said Wi-Fi Guests to "see" all other Core network (connected) devices, regardless of whether they are connected via Core's Primary Wi-Fi, Core's Guest Wi-Fi, or Core's Wired LAN Port(s)? In other words, there are no additional cross-LAN device isolation restrictions that can be imposed on the Guest?

So basically, other than having a unique SSID/PW Wi-Fi interface to the (what is apparently a fully common LAN structure,) the only added actionable restriction on Wi-Fi Guests is the ability to set a time-duration to auto-expire their connection grant. Beyond that one limitation, there are no other restrictions?



Re: Core Guest Network isolation question

 avjohnnie Core is designed to isolate guest from the main home network (regardless if main is wired or wireless).

It would be interesting to understand how did you conclude that there is no isolation.

My advice for you is to call our support team and walk them through your setup and the process.

Thank you ! 

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