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cash back assistant capital intellect

Just passing on this info. I had been having issues with Internet Explorer 11, Windows10 for the past few days. IE would only load for a second then close. In add/remove problems I had a program I had not installed named 'Cash back assistant' from capital intellect. Norton deemed this a safe program so I left it in place. After two days on trying to remedy the issue I decided to remove the program and all my IE issues went away. I think Norton should take another look at this as it seems to be a pretty big issue considering all the talk in the problem solving community.

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Re: cash back assistant capital intellect

What you seem to have run into is a PUP,  a Possibly Unwanted Program. While they are annoying, they do not cause damage to your system. Some people actually want the 'Features' offered by these programs. They are usually downloaded alongside a legitimate download when you do not uncheck the option for the additional download.

Norton products concentrate on malware that can damage your system, that is why some PUPs are not detected.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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