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Core DOA - bad WAN port

I received my new Core, and proceeded to install, and once plugged, and mobile app loaded, proceeded into set-up... But wait...I never got that far! The Router went from blinking white lights to blinking orange, and never entered set-up. I tried over and over, and finally got a message saying it couldn't reach the internet. I'm an IT pro, for decades now, and know how to troubleshoot hardware and software. So I spent a couple of hours eliminating the possibilities. Tested: 1. The WAN port on the modem was good. I could directly connect my laptop, and immediately received my public IP by DHCP 2. I replaced the really skinny white Ethernet cable, supplied by Norton, with (2) different brand new Belkin CAT 6 cables. Couldn't not get link lights, and set-up stalls, white lights go orange. Full stop. Mobile app (once out of many tries) told me there was no internet connection. No surprise since I couldn't get link lights. (This was the only time I ever got as far as a message from the iOS mobile app) I tested each of these three cables (Norton's, and the two new Belkin CAT 6 cables) multiple times, including reboot of the modem with reboot of the router each time. I even delayed the router power-up until I had a good modem connection, in case the router was timing-out of waiting for a response to its DHCP request. No joy each time. Conclusion: I have a dead WAN port. So I called into Core tech support, and started through the Tier 1 support, with a foreign script-kid. He ran through his scripted tests and responses. He would not listen to me about what had already been tested and concluded (Maybe he didn't understand the logic technically) This went on forever. Finally he agrees a dead port must be the case, and says he'll call back the next day with the exchange process. He calls back, and starts ALL OVER, wanting every test AGAIN. After another 30+ min I finally lost it, and asked to speak to a supervisor. He's then ready to start the exchange AGAIN...and won't transfer me to a supervisor. He says he has to call me back the next day, at an agreed time, to give me the details. I don't hear from him for 4-5 DAYS! He wants to start testing AGAIN!!! I lose it, and tell him in no uncertain terms that isn't going to happen. He finally says that I will receive an e-mail with the UPS return label, within 24-48 hrs. At this point I'm about a week into this 'support' case. I am so frustrated with Support, that I am returning, rather than exchanging, the Core, because I don't want a future with "support" like this. I been a Norton / Symantec user for over 30 years, and an IT professional for over 20. I've always had great support for a great product, and believed in the company. But this process has been unreal. Now, 10 days later, I still don't have the shipping label. (I had waited in case they had mailed, rather than e-mailed the UPS label, as some companies do) But I have lost all confidence in Norton's ability to not just support the product, but listen to the customer. On the initial call, after a few minutes of trying some things, with the understanding of what I had already tested, and that I was an IT professional, he should have transferred me to Tier 2 Support, or to a supervisor. Finally today, I call back in, and the Support agent sees no record of the return being initiated. So, we start the return label process again! This agent has been helpful, and reasonable, and we complete the call quickly. I have a little faith in Norton Support restored. I think it over, and decide maybe I should give them one more chance with the product. (the only reason I didn't want an exchange was the (lack of) support experience. I thought, if this is what I have to look forward to in the future, I beat cut my losses now) But the agent I dealt with today had been very pleasant and helpful, so think, maybe I will try one more Core. So, I call back with 5 minutes, give them my case number, and explain I'd like to exchange, rather than return the router. I go back on hold. When she comes back, and she tells me I have to be transferred to technical support again, before an exchange can be processed. I lose it again, and say basically, 'He$& no!,' and ask yo be connected to the manager. I go back on hold. I wait for another 5+ min, give up, and hang-up. I seldom lose my cool with people, raise my voice, or demand to speak to management, but this whole debacle pushed me way beyond my limits. I don't believe I can blame the people, as they were probably doing exactly what they were taught and told to do. They were simply didn't have enough experience to know when to escalate / transfer to a supervisor, or were told not to. Either way, this lays at the feet of the company, not the support people. I'm at the end of my patience with Norton Core support. Even the though I got a killer deal, purchasing months ago, it's still not worth it, if it doesn't work, and I can't get adequate support in a timely manor.