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Norton blocking mining software

Hi all

I have been trying to download crypto mining software, but every time I do Norton either removes it or removes parts when trying to install.

Is there any workarounds for this as I know these bits of software are being used safely.


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Re: Norton blocking mining software

AFAIK, Most AV blocks mining software thinking that it was not user intention to do it. 

There are a lot of websites that miners using people's computer without them knowing.

Also, even if the user knows what they are doing, Norton can't know for sure if the mining profit is going to the user wallet or whatever, so thats why Norton blocks most of them

I'm using Winminer and most coins are blocked by Norton even if I configure it to exclude from SCANS, etc.

The only solution I found to mine every coin is uninstalling Norton completely. 

There should be a way to tell Norton that you are mining and assuming the risk so it can completely disable any action from the mining software we choose.


Re: Norton blocking mining software

Hi BlueStake:

SendOfJive's suggestion in the thread Disabling Intrusion Attempt Notifications might work.  That particular example is for excluding detections for PUA.JScoinminer.
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Accepted Solution

Re: Norton blocking mining software

Hi @BlueStake,

Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. Please try below Norton Support article on how to restore and exclude from future AV detection. 
Restore an item from Quarantine

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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