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Official Symantec Statement Concerning Internet Outage Last Week

Norton Core Users,

We would like to address a recent incident that has affected some Norton Core users.

For a short period of time last week, some Norton Core customers experienced a disruption of Internet connectivity, resulting from an issue with our Cloud DNS service. Unfortunately, this impacted some users trying to access the Internet and new customers trying to set up recently purchased routers. 

Our teams quickly worked to restore internet connectivity and the issue is now resolved. As a result of this issue, we’ve established new processes to help prevent issues of this nature from reoccurring in the future. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused for our customers, particularly during the holiday break.

We have been monitoring this issue 24/7 since it occurred and continue to optimize the performance, stability and security with Norton Core.

If you are still experiencing any issues with Norton Core, please call our support team at 1-855-966-7866.

We value your feedback and want to provide you with the most secure and best performing Wi-Fi router. Our team is ready and available to help you 24/7 with any questions or technical issues you may have. 

Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Symantec Corporation