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Norton Core Compatibility issues with FIOS

Have heard horror stories about compatibility issues. Was installing Core last week, when hit by FIOS outage, knocking everything out (of course, Norton had already charged me and sent Core unit.) Took three days to get internet back up, but in that three days, I heard all kinds of problems with issues of compatibility. Any info from out there? Before I try it again -- or should I just return the Core unit



Re: Norton Core Compatibility issues with FIOS

Hello Marjorie Dean

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I am using FIOS with Core. I can't have it connected to everything though.  There are others here that are using FIOS also. We can't.  We can't put our modem/routers into bridged mode.

Here is one thread which mentions CORE and FIOS. Please check out the posts by SoulAsylum. He uses FIOS also.


If you look in our Search Feature under CORE and FIOS, you will fins other threads.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Norton Core Compatibility issues with FIOS

In addition to good FAQs at DSL Reports, there is also a tutorial on using your own router on the Verizon Forums:



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