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This forum thread needs a solution.

Conflicting DNS Setting Instructions.

Hello Gayathri

I noticed a discrepancy with the Choices of DNS and the Instructions for DNS . This is with Android cellphone.

Settings>Network>DNS. Please notice the different choices available

Norton Secure DNS


Google DNS

Neustar Advantage

Now look at the top of those listings. DNS Provider - next to that a little circle with i

Click on the little circle and it brings up a page of DNS. It gives the instructions. It gives the Options

Norton Default


Other DNS-3rd party DNS servers. It combines Google and Neustar

The first listing makes it look like 4 choices

The 2nd listing really gives a choice of 3. That 2nd listing should still break it down into the 4 listings like the first 4. The 2nd listing makes it look like Google and Neustar is all one listing when in fact it's 4 different choices.

Have a Nice Day and


I understand what that black page of instructions is trying to say, but new users to Core may not understand it all.

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Re: Conflicting DNS Setting Instructions.

All: This is what I see in my Android app. There isn't a break down listing there but rather this is an informational screen explaining the difference between each one:


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