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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security Changes Date Modified on Files

I ran a backup regularly and then had a hard drive crash. I'm glad that I had the backup, BUT...

The "Date Modified" has been changed on Every File to the date I restored the files!!

That really made a mess. Like most computer users I want to know the **real date** a file was last modified. This is for Many reasons. For example pictures from a vacation, If I sort by the date modified, all the pictures from one vacation will be together. Another example would be banking data. A statement from 2012 will not be the one I'm looking for but a file from 2017 might be.  I frequently used a sort by Date Modified to be sure I was using the current file.

Not that is not possible!! Why didn't Norton Security keep the Date Modified as it was?

I'm not happy about this.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Norton Security Changes Date Modified on Files


I don't use Norton for Back-Up purposes, but I noticed that the dates changed after I had backed up the files. I don't know how widespread it was.

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