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This forum thread needs a solution.

Few questions about renewal

My subscription is about to require renewal and I have a few questions

1. Norton still support NORTON INTERNET SECURITY Product? (Not meaning Norton Security product). I have the latest version(v22). I dont really want to remove and then install Norton Security, just rather renew my subscription to Norton Internet Security.

2. On my computer I have 3 accounts- Admin and then two limited access user accounts. When I go to renew from the Norton GUI screen ( the little renew link that  is near the bottom ) do I have to do so from the admin account? Or can I do it from one of the user accounts?


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Re: Few questions about renewal

1. You can still renew the older Norton Internet Security subscription with a new product key. But as you say you are using ver 22.x.x, your product is functionally identical to the newer Norton Security product. The only difference is the name displayed on the Norton main window, and the number of devices you can protect with your subscription. If you download and run the installer for the Norton Security product it will take care of updating the product on your computer.

2. I just tried clicking on Renew from my current Norton Security using a standard user account. It redirects to the Norton web site to complete the subscription renewal. So it does not seem to matter what kind of account you are using. 

One thing to keep in mind. Renewing directly with Norton can be more expensive than just purchasing a new copy of Norton Security from a reputable retailer. If you do this, you would just click on Help and Enter Product Key on the help page. Do this when you have only one or two days remaining on the old subscription or your will lose any time remaining on your subscription. Also if you choose to purchase a new product key, be sure you go into your Norton Account and turn off Automatic Renewal  for your current subscription.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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