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NIS 2010 ( install files mention Beta. Should it?

I installed NIS 2010 from the upgrade site.  I installed it over NIS 2009.  I never saw any kind of installation complete message after the reboot, but I assume it worked.

I noticed the "Install Files" folder was left after the install completed.  It contained 4 files including one named "downloadinfo.txt".  That file contained the following text:

You downloaded and installed the following:
Norton Internet Security 2010

If you need to download the products again, copy and paste this address into your browser, then follow the instructions on the resulting screen:

Product key(s):

Going to http://www.norton.com/betafo ends up on a page telling me "Your Norton Beta installer has failed".  I'm confused as to why I'm the release version has a link to the beta version. is the release version is it not?

Also do I need to keep the install folder around.  I was simply going to delete it.



Re: NIS 2010 ( install files mention Beta. Should it?

Its not a beta, its installation is of same pattern as of beta, thats y they forgot to remove that file.
----------------------------------------------------------------NIS 2011 beta Win 7 7600 RTM 32-bit

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