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Handing off adult phone to child

Hello, all.  We have Norton Family installed on the family computer and on a phone owned by our son.  I have a phone that I occasionally let my kids use for games.  Is there a way that I can have Norton Family installed on my phone but not monitoring until I hand it off to a child?  I would like to be able to bring up Norton Family, select the appropriate child profile and start monitoring, and then turn it off again when the phone is returned to me.  Is that possible?  If not, does anyone have suggestions on what to do? 



Re: Handing off adult phone to child

Hello tbress,

If you have an android phone, it is possible to switch to Norton Family parent/child mode as and when you need. If you have an iPhone, you will have to go to parent app or portal and switch on supervision every time you hand over your iPhone temporarily to your kids, and switch it off again when you take it back from them.

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