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Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!

Hi Guys

I did this for 2009 so why not 2010,Who has had easy upgrades,over installs,removal and install of 2010?? And any tips for future reference for others about to go this way.

*Name what product you have replaced.

*Which way you chose to go...over install/Removal..install

I have upgraded 2 PCs one desktop and one laptop both over installed 2009,no problems very quick and easy ONLY advice I can think of to pass on after the restart wait until you see the icon in the tray then click on it once to start the final activation process.

The floor is open............

Cheers Mo Windows 7 64 bit, NIS2013



Re: Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!


I've done two in-place upgrades from NIS2009 to NIS2010: one desktop running XP SP3 and one laptop running Vista x64 SP2.

Both upgrades went very smoothly with no problems whatsoever. The only suggestion I would offer anyone planning to go this route is to be patient and let the upgrade do its thing.


Re: Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!

Thanks for opening this great thread, mo ;-)))))))))

I updated - not from NIS 2009 like so many here - but from NIS 2007 to NIS 2010. Since I had no other Norton products on my computer (Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit), I could use the removal tool.

NIS 2007 has a separate LiveUpate component - which would have been left behind after an over-install. In other words, I felt that NIS 2007 and NIS 2010 were too far apart in years and engines to enable a clean over-install.

So what I did was the following:

I downloaded the Norton removal tool and the NIS 2010 installation package from the Symantec website and saved them to my desktop. I closed all programs, left only NIS 2007 running, and disconnected from the internet. My product key was all handy, printed out and saved to a Notepad file. I also backed up my important files and data before the whole procedure. 

Then I ran the removal tool twice, watching the procedure nervously; obviously, the removal tool took longer to run the first time and was pretty quick the second time. I had to reboot the computer after each run. It took about 15-20 minutes.

Then I proceeded to install NIS 2010. This was super-fast - between 1 and 2 minutes. It picked up my NIS 2007 product key automatically - I activated it, ran LiveUpdate until there were no more updates remaining...and that was it ;-))) I just sat there and was so happy, and I'm still delighted with NIS 2010 and the smooth upgrade experience. I am a big worrywart, so I'm extremely relieved that it all went fine :-))

After months of hesitation and trepidation, I had finally removed NIS 2007 and installed NIS 2010.

At this point, I wish to thank those who helped me and encouraged me to update to NIS 2010 most cordially:

dbrisendine, delphinium, Floating_Red, mo, Phil_D, SendOfJive, Yogesh_Mohan and this whole forum in general - you are simply the best ;-))

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Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!

I have upgraded from NIS 2009 to 2010 without unistalling previous one, and voila!! it worked..i mean upgraded..!!
Genuine Windows 8.1 x64 Pro; NIS 2014; HP Pavallion G6 Notebook with AMD Core 2 Quad A10; 6 GB RAM; ; 1TB Western Digital HDD, AMD Radeon 2.5 GB Graphics Card

Re: Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!

HI mo,

Have done 2 systems that are OK.

Vista from NIS 2009 to NIS 2010

Win 7 from NIS 2009 to NIS 2010

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Re: Upgrading from earlier products to 2010 success stories:POST HERE!!!

I performed an in place upgrade of NIS 2010 nearly two weeks ago and everything has been working great. At first there was a noticeable increase in my boot time but now that has decreased to maybe 15-20 seconds more than NIS 2009 now that I think the program has been "broken in" sort of speak.

Back in May I performed an in place install of NIS 2009 over NIS 2006 and that worked great too and from what I could tell, the separate LiveUpdate module was uninstalled with the rest of the program. In case you're wondering, NIS 2007 and previous versions had a separate LiveUpdate module. Now it is integrated into NIS itself.

Some might consider that a rather reckless move though but it worked.

By the way, I am running Windows XP SP3 and NIS 2010.

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