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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security Crashes apps on exit (XP Pro)


Running latest Norton Security ( on a XP Pro SP3 in VirtualBox VM machine which can't currently be retired (So installing newer OS isn't a option atm)

Norton seems to be crashing most applications on close (IE.  Opening WINRAR, then closing always throws a Memory could not be read error from same memory location).  See attached window snip

The issue goes away when Norton isn't running (safe mode and with a temporary uninstall)

Don't believe its a virus but you never know (have run Norton scans, Avg, Malware bytes checks, along with checking startup items, Running System Internals process explorer with signature check enabled,  checking for strangeness using hijack this, and sysinternals autoruns

Don't expect that many are having this issue; but you never know

Any feed back is appreciated




Re: Norton Security Crashes apps on exit (XP Pro)

Hello Paul. Your screenshot doesn't indicate Norton as being the culprit. You are getting a Windows application error indicating that something was in a save process and terminated. Memory reads CAN be an issue with system memory and/or a hard drive issue as discussed here. My suggestion is, on the HOST OS, running an elevated admin command (run as admin), use this command line: sfc/scannow. This will check the OS for corrupted system files, it MAY ask you for your installation media to replace files that are needing replaced so have that in hand if possible .

Secondarily, at the elevated commend prompt run this command: chkdsk /f . This will check for issues with your hard drive and allocation tables for errors, it will also perform a forced repair since it has the /f flag. Let us know how things go.


"From DOS to Windows10 what a journey it has been" / MS Certified Professional / Windows Server 2016 Essentials / Windows 10 Professional x 64 version 1903 / build 18362.418 / N360 Deluxe / Norton Core v.282 on Android 2.11 / Opera GX

Re: Norton Security Crashes apps on exit (XP Pro)

Hi _Paul_:

Do you have Norton Security Standard, Deluxe or Premium?

The latest legacy version of Norton for Win XP / Vista is currently v22.15.2.22 - see the 29-Mar-2019 update announcement <here>.  If you go to Help | General Information | About and it shows that you are still on v22.15.0.8 please confirm that Settings | Antivirus | Updates | Automatic LiveUpdates is enabled and then run a few consecutive manual LiveUpdates (with re-boots when requested) until you're sure you are fully patched to v22.15.2.22.

I don't know if patching to v22.15.2.22 will help, (that error message looks more like a problem with faulty RAM so I'm not sure why your programs launch normally when you boot into Safe Mode with basic device drivers and minimum Windows system files loaded), but I have the latest 32-bit WinRAR v5.71 installed on my Vista SP2 machine and don't have problems running WinRAR or any other third-party programs.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Deluxe v22.15.2.22

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