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This forum thread needs a solution.

Review Document Email Scam

I received an email from someone in my contact list, asking me to review and sign a document. I hovered my mouse over the Sender's name and it was exactly as my contact is listed. I was expecting some documents from the Sender's (and my friend) Son, but not expected electronically, so I replied by email if this was legit. They replied to go ahead and review. I tried calling and texting my friend to double confirm, but didn't get an answer. Tried logging into Adobe, but couldn't. I then searched and found this to be a scam. Friend called back and said it wasn't him. Several days later, two people from my Contact list texted me and asked if I had sent a document to sign. I wound up sending an email to my entire contact list to delete anything similar from me.

Since Norton has anti-Phishing protection, I talked to a Rep who said that I was protected and shouldn't have happened. I talked to a different Rep who said anti-Phishing only works if Norton believes that the address is bogus, and is not designed to block or alert this. This is a major issue and Norton doesn't seem to be on it. Anyone got any ideas?