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Mobile Security App Advisor and Android 10

I am running the latest Android 10 update that was released January 1, 2020 on a Galaxy Note 10+, running Norton Mobile Security 4.7.4462, which is the latest available.  As soon as the phone restarted, the home and apps screen became sluggish and stuttered while changing screens.  After significant troubleshooting (disabling and uninstalling apps, restarting in Safe Mode), I discovered that App Advisor for Google Play was causing the issue.  I can re-create the problem at will by enabling and disabling the feature.  This happens regardless of whether Lookout is running or disabled, or whether Play Protect is enabled or disabled.  This does not happen on my Galaxy S8 running Android 9.  Hopefully this will be fixed with the upcoming 4.8 release that has yet to hit the Google Play store.



Re: Mobile Security App Advisor and Android 10

What version of NMS do you have? There is going to be an update to ver that is supposed to address the jerky screens with Android 10.

This update is going to be released in a phased manner, so keep checking the Play Store app for the update.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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