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Norton Product key is not valid for my third computer!?? Please help

Hey there good people!

Today my brother asked my to install Norton 2011 on his computer but sadly the product key is already being used? I know for sure that my product key can be used for three computers " says on my account" ? I use mine , it is good, my mother uses her's it is also good, how come the third computer can be activate Norton.

Computer is Windows 7 Ulimate 32bit

Thank you good souls



Re: Norton Product key is not valid for my third computer!?? Please help

Firstly please check your MyNortonAccount on line and see how many activations show as used there.

When you apply the KEY to your brothers computer you have to use the same MyNortonAccount as you used for your first installation/activation and presumably for your mother's. Otherwise it will think someone else is trying to register the same KEY as a different user.

Depending on those two things if it is not resolved then please get in touch with Customer Support as below:

To contact customer support Click on this link and work on from there.

You can choose CHAT or Email; phone may have a long wait time and feedback from users tells us that CHAT is by far the best at resolving problems.

Note that that link is to the USA/CAN website so if you are located elsewhere I'm sure you will be able to find the equivalent location on your local Symantec website; some pages have a link at the top right where you can select the country you are located in.

Pleae let us know how you get on.


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